One point of contact. A Wealth of expertise. It's that simple.

I P C   P R I V A T E   W E A L T H

As your wealth grows, so does the complexity of your needs. Tax and estate planning, legal advice, asset protection, philanthropy, international services... What if you could have access to specialists in all of these areas and more through one central point of contact? First Call connects you with the professionals you need, when you need them.


Coordinating your needs. Simplifying your life. At IPC Private Wealth, we go above and beyond traditional wealth management by helping you address a wide range of needs that contribute to your financial well-being. It all starts with a trusted relationship with your IPC advisor. Together, we build a financial road map to your goals. Then, we implement your financial plan by drawing on IPC’s exclusive network of specialists, resources, and suppliers. These professionals work effectively to provide coordinated strategies and solutions that enhance your wealth – and your enjoyment of it. Through your IPC advisor, you can rest assured that all of your needs are being met. Giving you more time and energy to spend on what’s really important to you. It’s that simple.


At IPC, we have long provided clients with sophisticated investment management founded on portfolio customization and personal attention. Now, we are also your First Call when you require more specialized advice and services – someone to plan business succession, perhaps, or even to develop a care management plan for an ailing relative. With an understanding of your unique financial needs and goals, your IPC advisor is ideally positioned to work with the various specialists you require. With First Call, you can be sure that we will always direct you to an appropriate resource. It’s all part of the exceptional standard of service we provide to our most valued clients.


First Call is an exclusive service that connects our high net worth clients to the professionals they need to enhance their wealth and simplify their lives.

Whatever your need or situation, we are here to guide you. We are your First Call.


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